Promoting Sustainable Investments in Latin America
Who We Are?

Invest in Latam is the leading entity in promoting Public-Private cooperation in Latin America. The entity brings together the most prominent leaders in politics, business, culture and society in general to promote the regional transformation agenda.

Over the years we developed many initiatives to achieve positive changes in society focusing on the development of several regional networking and value generation communities such as Latam Mobility in the field of sustainable mobility, Latam Future Energy in the field of energy transition and Latam Green in the field of sustainability.

Why Latin America?

With around 13% of the Earth’s land area, a population of more than 600 million, and a combined nominal GDP of more than $ 5.610 billion and growing, Latin America seems like an attractive trade destination. But in addition to this, the region has a rich history, cultural diversity and beautiful landscapes that make it the perfect place to combine Leisure and Business.

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Promoting sustainable mobility, energy transformation and sustainability in Latin America

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Promoting Sustainable Investments in Latin America

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