CleanTech Jobs

Invest in Latam launched in 2020 a new initiative to support companies in the renewable energy, sustainable mobility and sustainability sectors to seek the best talents, CleanTech Jobs was born.

COVID-19 has revolutionized executive-company relations, with the democratization of remote work, companies must be more flexible to attract the best talents, but at the same time checking efficiency at work is increasingly difficult.

Therefore, CleanTech Jobs, becomes the perfect ally, through all Invest in Latam initiatives, we have a network of more than 60,000 senior executives in perpetual search for new challenges and more than 15,000 companies in search of the best talents.

We connect the best executives with the best companies, offering the following services:

Senior Executives Search

Technical Personnel Search

Human Resources Strategy

Executive Training Program

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Promoting Sustainable Investments in Latin America

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